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Noise induced hearing loss or NIHL is a medical condition that affects millions of people; and in many cases could have been prevented.

Learn more about NIHL here.

How Loud is Too Loud?

You recycle, compost, buy local-organic-sustainable, exercise and dance like no one is watching.
But what about your hearing?
Ear plugs or sound filters are not just for sensitive people.

They are for you, and me, and everyone else who is smart and consciouss and cares about otheir body.
Hearing is sensitive. And we have to be careful to protect it.

 Get some of your own HearDrops today so you’re prepared for your next event!

Continue Enjoying Loud Sound Spaces

With sound systems regularly peaking at 100 decibels or louder, it’s time to take the volume into our own hands.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average human can safely listen to 100 decibels for 15 minutes without incurring hearing loss.


For every three decibels the volume is lowered, the amount of safe listening time doubles. For example:

100db = 15 minutes of safe listening
97db = 30 minutes of safe listening
94db = 60 minutes of safe listening
91db = 2 hours of safe listening
88db = 4 hours of safe listening

So if the music volume is 100 decibels and you wear your HearDrops – they turn the volume down by 12 decibels.

You are now listening at 88 decibels and can be safely in that sound space for up to 4 hours without damaging your hearing.

No morning ringing or temporary deafness!