Be Ear Responsible

HearDrops® High Fidelity
Sound Filters

  • crisp clear sound
  • 12dB sound reduction
  • two sizes of tips: large grey and medium black, to fit most ears
  • nearly invisible
  • playful orb necklace container
  • comfortable, hypoallergenic, non-toxic
  • reusable and cleanable
  • protective microfiber pouch included
  • $25.99 retail price

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Wicked Wine

Lusty Lemon

Powerful Peacock

Raucous Red

Ultra Ultramarine

HearDrops® offer the most natural sound of any universal-fit earplug in its class.
They provide crisp, clear music and virtually invisible protection for a little more than a song.
The 12dB Noise Reduction Rating increases safe listening time at 100dB from 15 minutes (with no protection) to 4 hours with HearDrops®. No ringing or noise induced hearing loss after a long night of awesome sounding music!
Contained in a playful orb necklace, you can wear your HearDrops® around your neck so they are right there when you need them. The orb is made of flexible natural silicone.
The acoustically-engineered attenuation-filter, provides a nearly flat response as the high and low frequencies are decreased evenly.
Compare to foam ear plugs and tube filters which cut the high frequencies and leave you with lopsided, muffled, bass heavy music.
HearDrops® protect your hearing, keep you connected to your environment and provide an excellent listening experience.
Our patented filter, comfortable fit, and playful design will change your attitude about hearing protection.

HearDrops® make it sexy and fun to save your hearing.




Our mission is to be accessible when you need protection most.

That’s why you can hang your HearDrops® around your neck and why we have mobile vendors at your favorite events – right there when you want to turn the volume down. Festivals, parties, clubs etc.


And if you want our incredibly fun “HearDrops® girls” milling around through the crowd at your next loud event – just contact us. Everyone wins! We’d love to come out and Be Ear Responsible® with you.


Check back here for our event schedule so we can hook you up in-person.