Be Ear Responsible
Be Ear Responsible

You want music to sound amazing.

But you also want to hear the music, and everything else, for a very long time. HearDrops® high-fidelity sound-filters protect your hearing. And give you great sounding music.

Comfortable and hypoallergenic, they stay in and are washable, reusable and non-toxic. The tips come in two different sizes and fit almost everyone (big kids to adults).

We call them “sound filters” instead of “ear plugs” because you don’t want to “plug” up your music, or disconnect yourself from your friends and environment.


filter out the frequencies that damage your hearing and invite the sounds that are music to your ears.

With HearDrops® you stay connected and you get crisp, clear sound, at just the right volume.

You can also use HearDrops® while you are working, concentrating, creating or napping.

They are just right for those times when you want to turn down background noise, but still need to hear your friend, phone, colleague or kid.